sonemics II

This is the main outcome of the sonemics project. Kate Burton and I were commissioned by Tramway in Glasgow to make a piece for a weekend of sonic art featuring David Toop and Scanner. It was also the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Tramway as an arts venue. One of our aims was to design a piece specifically for the Tramway 1 space, making use of its ‘red wall’ for projection and filling the space with sound. Kate shot material designed to take advantage of the red wall’s uneven texture and tone. My audio material was built up from a mixture of field recordings and pre-recorded concrète and synthesised sources (including oscillators of a sequential circuits pro-one). As in the earlier sonemics pieces, the idea was to perform the sound and film together, in a unified act of cutting and playhead ‘scrubbing’. First, Kate’s  5 minute film runs unadulterated, with a live soundtrack, then the film is chopped and stretched overlaid with a broader range of spatialised audio materials. The piece was performed in discrete 4 channel surround at the Tramway, April 2013, along with a new piece by Torsten Lauschman.